2018 New Burberry Wallets 6993 Black 29*19cm

2018 New Burberry Wallets 6993 Black 29*19cm

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Bag Size(cm): 29*19
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Burberry Purse Handbag hold the top of the original version 2018 of the latest style, Burberry men's hand grab, hot new style of shipment pull (physical photo, no effect) top import top layer of cattle skin with pvC, ultra high definition skin print hardware, super smooth zipper, top oil edge super smooth, top designer to create unique leather making unique leather making leisure production leisure Style, super soft and comfortable feeling of cortical clear lines, an inch of white needle top master build, perfect workmanship, unique style of high-grade leisure. The distribution of high-end gift box gift bags with customs invoice. Type 6993-5, size: 29X19cm

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